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What are Indian Rupees made of?

What are Indian Rupees made of?
    In India, Rupees are made of Currency paper or various metals.

Banknotes (Currency paper):
    Currency paper is composed of cotton and cotton rag. Technically, It is not a paper but a cloth with look and feel of paper.
    The exact composition of the paper/cloth is classified, as is the formula for the ink. The ink and paper combine to create a distinct texture, particularly as the currency is circulated. The paper and the ink alone have no effect on the value of the note until post print.
    The Reserve Bank, in consultation with Government of India, has decided to introduce one billion pieces of ₹10 banknotes on plastic substrate on trial basis. Those will be made of plastic.

Rupee Coins (various metals):

    Composition of metals in coins is not fixed and evolves with time.
    Gold (1835-1918) 91.7% or 22 Carat.
    Standard Silver (1835-1939) 91.7%SiLver+8.3% Copper.
    Silver Alloy (1939-1945) 50%Silver+ 40%Copper+ 5%Nickel+ 5%Zinc.
    Silver Alloy (1969-71) 80%Silver+ 15%Copper+ 5%Nickel.
    Silver Alloy (1972-2002) 50%Silver+40% Copper+ 5%Nickel+5%Zinc.
    Copper (1835-1906) Pure Copper.
    Bronze (1906-64) 95-97% Copper+ 4%-21/2%Tin+1.00%;0.50%Zinc.
    Copper-Nickel (1906-2002) 75%Copper+ 25%Nickel.
    Nickel Brass (1964-71,2009-11) 79%Copper+ 20%Zinc+ 1%Nickel.
    Nickel (1946-1974) Pure Nickel.
    Aluminum (1965-93) 96%Aluminium+4% Magnesium.
    Aluminum Bronze (1969-71) 92% Copper+ 2%Nickel+6%Aluminium.
    Stainless Steel (1988-2002) Ferritic Stainless Steel (Iron 83%, Chromium 17%)

One rupee "Nritya Mudra" coin composition

Ten rupee bi-metallic coin composition

How are coins/notes decided for same denomination?
    There is no fixed process but, mostly based on utility.

How metals/paper(cloth)/plastic chosen for rupees?
Various reasons come into play while deciding the metals.
    Replicability (should not be profitable to replicate in small quantities),
    Malleability (read as workability),
    Resistance to corrosion,
    Durability & Longevity,

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